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Interwoven Globe: Textile Trade 1500-1800

By Amelia Peck, Melinda Watt, Elena Phipps, John Guy, Marika Sardar.

Metropolitan Museum of Art and Yale University Press, 2013

Beginning in the sixteenth century, the golden age of European navigation created a vigorous textile trade, and a breathtaking variety of textile designs subsequently spread across the globe. Trade textiles blended the traditional designs, skills, and tastes of their cultures of origin, with new techniques learned through global exchange, creating beautiful new works that are also historically fascinating. 

The Peruvian Four-Selvaged Cloth: ancient Threads, new Directions

Elena Phipps

Fowler Museum 2013

Looking at Textiles: a guide to technical Terms

Elena Phipps

Getty Publications, 2011

Tapestries and Silverwork of the Colonial Andes: 1520-1820

Phipps, Elena, Johanna Hecht, and Cristina Esteras Martín, with contributions by Thomas B. F. Cummins, Sabine MacCormack, Frank Salomon, and Luisa Elena Alcalá

Metropolitan Museum and Yale University Press, 2004.

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